Video Puppet is now Narakeet

As we’re getting ready for the end of the beta program, Video Puppet now has a new name: Narakeet!

Your old Video Puppet account still works on the new site, so you do not need to register for a new account if you used the old web site. Just sign in with your old username and password.

With the new name, we’re also launching a new web site, making it easier than ever to get started.

Visit the homepage to download and modify our examples for video projects, including school lectures, marketing and promotional videos, foreign language lessons and video quizzes. For techies, we also have samples for making screencasts, code tutorials and quick announcements.

Our page From Powerpoint to Video now has several simple lessons to help you create better videos, including:

  1. Add voice over to videos in presentations
  2. Change the voice-over language or voice
  3. Create dialog using multiple voices, set the voice volume or speed to make more interesting conversations
  4. Control pauses in narration
  5. Control pronunciation for acronyms and scientific terms

Bookmark, and use that instead of the old web site. Let’s make some videos together!

Narakeet helps you create text to speech voiceovers, turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok